Upcoming Events


Please note that all Alpha Spectrum Play Parties are FREE - No donation, no cover, no clothes-check fee.


However these are PRIVATE VIDEO PARTIES for gay / bi men and you DO NEED TO BE INVITED to attend. The parties are filmed/recorded and videos from the parties are posted on our JFF Page as well as other porn sites such as Wicked Gay Parites, Raw Fuck Club, and Pornhub. You will need to provide a government issued photo ID and sign a model release form upon arrival in order to participate. Note that all participants in a video party are co-owners of the resulting videos and can post them and/or sell them on their own fan pages, social media, or otherwise use them however they like. Those who create or already have a model profile on RawFuckClub.com also share the earnings from the videos posted on that site.


Watch videos from our Video Sex Parties at JustFor.Fans/AlphaSpectrum



Here is our current schedule of upcoming video parties. 






Who: We will be inviting a group of 5 to 7 fit and muscular men


When: Monday, September 28th, 6pm (arrival only in the first 30 min)


Where: Midtown Manhattan


To be considered for the invite list, please send your stats (height, weight, age, ethnicity, sexual role) along with a clear face and body pic to jointheaction@alphaspectrum.org.




Ass Action - NYC


Masks optional 


Who: We will be inviting around 7 to 9 guys of different body types. 


When: Sunday, September 27th, 6pm (arrival only in first 30min)


Where: Hotel in Midtown Manhattan


To be considered for the invite list, please send your stats (height, weight, age, ethnicity, sexual role) along with a clear face and body pic to jointheaction@alphaspectrum.org.




BEEF Bear Party - NYC


For: Bears, Cubs, and their admirers


When: To Be Rescheduled


Where: Midtown Manhattan


For more info and sign-up visit beefafterparty.com



We also are planning video sex parties for the following 38 cities over the next few years so please contact us and ask to be notified when we will be hosting a video party in a city near you:


Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

Detroit, MI

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Grand Rapids, MI

Guadalajara, Mexico, JA

Houston, TX

Indianapolis, IN

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

Mexico City, Mexico, EM

Miami, FL

Minneapolis, MN

Milwaukee, WI

Monterrey, Mexico, NL

Montreal, Canada, QC

Nashville, TN

New Orleans, LA

Orlando, FL

Palm Springs, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, OR

Provincetown, MA

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, JA

St Louis, MO

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Tampa, FL

Toronto, Canada, ON

Vancouver, Canada, BC

Washington, DC


Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions regarding any of our Upcoming events!